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Newcomers in the town

It has been 13 days that we are in Nowra, a beautiful town in the South Coast region of New South Wales, Australia which is supposed to be our new hometown.

So far, the people are quite friendly and helpful, the area is like a piece of heaven, but the labor market is not welcoming at all. There is no many industries, factories or companies which need us as IT specialists.

I have received my invitation from RDA-FSC, the main office of which is located in the heart of Nowra, despite the fact that it seems that there are no vacancies for System Analysts, my proficiency, according to our search results on and

Therefore, I decided to go out and look for local jobs. To begin with, I visited four recruitment agencies. One of them just works in the healthcare and construction fields. Two others just help disabled people and one of them just serves people who are receiving money from Centrelink.

Then, I went to the Shoalhaven City Council, the only place that seems may need my expertise, to ask about their job positions. Shockingly, they told me they cannot employ someone holding a visa 489 in their permanent positions. The person who talked to me was very kind, respectful and sympathetic however the rules seem to be strange and cumbersome.

The region invited me to do something effective for the industry of the area, simultaneously, they cannot hire me in related positions because of the laws. What a contradiction!!!

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