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Migration from MS SQL Server To MySQL

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A couple of years ago, my spouse and I designed and developed a multi-lingual picture dictionary implemented by ASP, ASP.Net and MS SQL Server. It was a non-profit project, and we invested lots of money on it, and now it seems we, as new migrants, should cut down on the costs. Thus, after about three years, we decided to change the platform to MySQL and PHP, which could be hosted easier and even cheaper.

Today, I started the migration process by migrating to MySQL. It was much easier than I expected. I installed MySQL 5.7 and MySQL Workbench 8.0, and it was something like start, next, next, next, finish. Easy peasy!

I checked some data randomly, and everything seems to be correct. By the way, tomorrow I’ll go through the data and examine it to make sure everything is precise, and if not, I’ll tell you about it here.

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  1. The thing that you call it “easy” took ages on my computer and finally, workbench crashed!!! Thank you, I am pleased that a copy of the DB is in MySQL right now

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