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A turning point in my life

There are times in your life that you think you should change your lifestyle, your thoughts and your habits in order to obtain different results from what you have already acquired. This is the same time for me. From now on, I am going to write here on a regular basis so as to share my ideas, thoughts, beliefs and even problems with a range of  probable readers who could help me to become familiar with a spectrum of points of view and have a better understanding of life as a result. Here, I would also be able to find new friends from different countries and cultures which means a lot to me. True friends are the only  invaluable treasure one can have and I am not an exception.

In this blog, I am also trying to improve my English as a second language learner so I may write some of  my essay assignments here.

There are a variety of subjects I am interested in. Here are some: technology & IT, travelling & cultures, nature, birding, sports, environmental issues, literature & books, movies and plays, music, society and people. I am going to write about these topics and  your comments are welcomed.


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  1. Welcome to bloggers world, I follow your site for new posts

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